As Featured in Westport Weston Magazine

Mastering the Art of Casual Luxury in Interior Design

Up the large stone steps and through the enormous front door to this newly built, white Colonial in Westport and you are greeted by Michelle Hogue. She sweeps you into the entryway, an expansive space with offshoots to her home office, the stairs to the second floor, the hallway/ mudroom, the kitchen, or, a shot across the  dining room table, to

the large glass doors that open to the back of the property. Lots of options, no confinement. The airiness is possibly due to the height of the ceiling, which rises two floors, or it might be the gorgeous lighting fixture. Of course, natural light from the back breathes tremendous life into the home. Good design, she’ll tell you, is about  thought­ful layout and focus on details, and this designer proves it within steps of the front door and again throughout the house. Choices  are made not to be clever or trendy, but, rather, to create livable spaces. This is, after all, a family home: mom, dad, kids and Coco, the dog. Plus, the designer knows the family well: She’s also wife, mom and homeowner….for more follow link below…

As Featured in Westport Magazine March April 2016